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please go and play Mica: Apoptosis. It is a promising game and the characters really grow on you within those three chapters you get to play in the demo. Well, Lenine did to me.

And Kanon and Shannon from Umineko cameo. Enough said.


Thank you all for your continued support of Mica: Apoptosis! In light of the demo release day coming closer, I’ve decided to host a small giveaway for one or two followers to get a small OC appearance in the game. :)
Here’s what you will get:
A custom sprite made for your character
Your character will have a small cameo role in the game that we can discuss later on
You will most likely show up as a maid or butler in the castle, but suggestions are very welcome!
To join, all you have to do is simply:
Follow this blog! Since this giveaway is made for followers, that’s kind of the point :P
Reblog this post so I can add your name to the list~
Deadline is the 31st of July, 2014. Thank you all for your interest and support! 

There is Kanon and Shanon from Umineko cameo in Mica: Apoptosis…………somehow that makes me really happy idk


lMAO “BITTER END” BITTER ANTHOLOGY COMIC aka the messed-up setomarykuroha….. (basic summary under the cut for the curious)

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Momo trying to flirt with Kido like “You’re my number one!” and Kido’s just “??? Well yeah and you’re number five.”

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