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celestiaru sent:
do you think i could sew the blue-turquoise stripes to the black thigh highs and where the thing goes beyond it, I could just. Stick it to the tights with double-sided tape or something. Add the dots, too. Yeah idk. And what was that Idee-foil you were talking about again? celes spams sera's inbox about cosplay stuff part two


you could do that the more problematic thing about this is that ur thigh highs will slooowly but steady slide down ur leg they always do and if the upper part is taped to your let it will look weird sometimes when u dont notice it until someone tells u you will also have this in mind ALL DAY you will feel uncomfortable because u know it can sliiiide down every moment and you will stress out TRUST ME i mean its not the worst that could happen but its a little bothersome. on the other hand it could look good if u used a very small stitch of ur machine, though i would use mastix and no tape for the dots and its fineee, dont worry. about the foil i was at idee myself a few days ago and i looked it up for the right name but it seems theyre not having them anymore? so— yea tough luck tbh;;;;

good thing I bought mastix today, a very small tube but that should be enough? Maybe I’ll just tape/glue the thigh highs to the tights, too. 8’)

BUT SANKYUU. I ordered a turquoise fabric and hope that will do the deed. 8 more days, and I started so early when did the time pass creys

Terashima Iris

Oh my queue reached my kagepro cosplay phase. Sorry about that. Block with #cosplay if you want.


Finally,done with THIS!!!!! UWAHHHHHHHHHHHH
my right hand is very hurt…because I use normal mouse (My tablet has been disappearing)(Yeah)(*CRY A LOT*)
Draft from Yuukei Yesterday!
And..Yes,I’m sorry.I ship dE…*run away to the moon*

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